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About Trike Owners International
TRIKE OWNERS INTERNARTIONAL (TOI), the official ride organization for registered members, was formed in November 2010 to give members the opportunity to organize rides with fellow members, meet and greets, and rallies here in the U.S. and abroad.   With over a thousand members and counting, TOI has formed a number of sub-regions where get-togethers and group rides have become commonplace.

TOI registration is free and is managed completely by members who, under the leadership of Tom Goettl (Trikeleader), volunteer their time and effort to maintain this support and networking based organization.
Becoming A TOI member THREAD:  Owners/Ride Group 

After working out a few final details we are officially kicking off our Trike Owners/Ride Group. It will be called Trike Owners International. We have members in 50 states and over a dozen countries and after receiving a great deal of input, this is the name we feel best matches who we are. I am very excited about us officially coming together as an organized group. It will give us an opportunity to organize day rides, meet-n-greets, and rallys across the country and abroad so that we can enjoy these fine machines and some great fun and fellowship with one another. Those that came to our last rally cant wait to come together for next years which will be two or three times bigger. It will be great fun so be sure and put it on your calender!

We are well along with our Member Support List which will provide help for any member who may need it while traveling the roads here in the USA or abroad. We have also received some great group perks like discounted hotel rates, VIP treatment at Wheels Through Time Museum and assistance from several trike manufacturers in the form of sponsorship, door prize gifts and most importantly, connecting with us and our members here to resolve parts and warranty issues. Much of this happens behind the scenes and has been initiated by the manufacturers themselves so rest assured this group has the attention of the trike industry and they are eager to support our members/their customers. I applaud them in their efforts to stand behind their customers. We are also receiving group discounts from our some of our sponsors and will seek to expand that to all things bike and trike related, so our member benefits list is good and getting better.

The membership dues fees will be zero. We are not a dues driven organization because those types of organizations must enlist the (free) help of a large number of district, regional, state and local directors (volunteers) to collect dues, event registration fees, vendor fees, etc that go directly into the pockets of the one or two owners at the top. We know this program well, as several of our members were very much involved in these large organizations and know the pitfalls and politics of a money-driven, chain of command type of organization. Our organization will be different in that it is for and about the benefits to ALL of us, its members. We will be well organized but keep things very simple. 

We are blessed to have the direction of Tom Goettl (trikeleader) and Doug Polancih (retdpd) in forming this group. Their experience and input has been invaluable in putting together an organization which will no doubt be smooth and successful. Tom will serve as coordinator of our group. He has a tremendous amount of leadership experience and joined Trike Riders International (TRI) in May of 2004. He founded the first two chapters in Wisconsin and became director of Chapter 1 (WI-1). In November of 2004 he was appointed to state director of TRI and served in that position until April of 2005. He was then appointed to the position of Central Regional Director. In August of 2006 he was moved to the position of Executive Director of TRI where he led the organization until September of 2008. 

It is our belief that a strong membership base will reap many rewards to us ALL. We just need you to join with us so the power of our numbers can be a benefit to each one of us. Register as a member by PMing Tom (trikeleader) with your name, screen name, address, email and contact number. You will be added to our database and be assigned a member number. (*Online registration preferred)

Posted by:  Zook and  Marge

As coordinator of our group I will with the joint help of Doug (retdpd) and Randy (Bazooka), guide this group to a strong membership and we will all see the rewards of a large group of trike owners. This is the first in the industry that the members are required to contribute nothing financially and receive great rewards. I am proud to be a part of this group and I want to reinforce what we are all about.
We have no applications, no dues and anyone can be part of the group. No egos, politics, or power struggles. Its all about us, not profitability etc. We have no leaders or directors. Our main purpose is to enjoy the ride and our fellow trike owners.
Happy Triking 

Posted by:  Tom Goettl